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Greystone Gin 70cl
  • Greystone Gin 70cl


    Small Batch London Dry Gin - 42% ABV


    Far older than Harewood House, way earlier than Harewood Castle and pre-dating the Domesday Book, stands Greystone rock. Featuring a series of concentric circles pecked out of the rock with a deer antler, its over 4000 years old.  


    To make our gin we've hand-picked mulberries from a 100 year-old tree growing on the shores of Harewood lake and foraged elderberries from the Estate. We've given them to award-winning Whittaker's Gin to work their magic in the distilling process using a 300 litre copper still called Jezebel. The result is a true Yorkshire triumph of flavour. 

    What the tasters said - "The mulberry gives a sweetness on the nose. The first hit is of juniper complemented by the sharp elderberry. A hint of pepper from the coriander is followed by the delicate mulberry. Finishes with a soft smoothness on the tongue and just a hint of pineapple at the end."

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