Nestled between Leeds and Harrogate, set in the sweeping landscape designed by Lancelot "Capability" Brown, the Harewood Estate has been home to the Lascelles family since 1738.

The family have always been keen foodies, and the Estate has a long history of food production. We feel our fruit, veg and meat are some of the best you'll find and we're now on a mission to leverage the Harewood legacy as a foodie force for good!


The Harewood Food & Drink Project is a new initiative that will use the best ingredients that the Estate can offer. 


We’re applying a nu-skool mindset to old school methods by linking up with the best Yorkshire artisan producers to build collaborations and partnerships. Expect simple, sustainable and sought-after products and experiences, created with passion to invite and inspire in equal measure. We'll be promoting the best of Yorkshire produce.

As cyclical as the seasons and as changeable as the weather. There is no set menu, just our hand–picked heritage produce made available as limited edition seasonal specials. The range may often change, but our promise remains the same. The real thing in real time.





We’re offering a real alternative to the mass produced mainstream that many find unpalatable. We’re consistent in our mindset and patient in our production. By putting time in, our customers get so much more out. Patience is a virtue in our book so we make the rewards great every time. 

We let Mother Nature set our agenda as we constantly forage for new ideas. We’re sustaining our present to conserve our future by keeping it real and keeping it local. For us, the finer things in life are finite not faddish, local not ’exclusive’ and heartfelt, not ‘high end’. We set our own high standards, pure and simple. 

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